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2009-09-17 04:33:54 by jpsantos09

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Yes, you read it right. A mobile version of this, a mobile phone site/wapsite has been increasing rapidly and we should be updated to this changes. This may not sound interests to others but look at this possibilities:

1. If you are out-of-town/vacation/on-trip etc. but still wanted to have an access and know the latest updates here, it's just a click in your mobile phone.
2. A benefit to those who don't have time to go to Internet Café.

Share your insights about this matter. No spamming please.



2009-04-20 23:24:54 by jpsantos09

Im Bored Now i dont have any idea to RelaX XDD.....
Im Planning To make a new Flash game
But i cant Search for a Man who can help me...

Here's The Link:
Adobe FLash CS3
No Virus
No Key Needed!
Q:How Can i thanked you?
A:Vote 5 in My Flash thats Enough LOL

Put a Comment....

DragonBall EvoLuTion

2009-04-07 09:09:53 by jpsantos09

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The new Dragon Ball Movie trailer. After spending countless hours looking for it and finding fake trailers on YouTube, I decided to spend time lookin for and uploading the real deal. No Japanese Subtitles!

Add Comments XDDD

Side Ring Knockout!

2009-04-06 07:11:01 by jpsantos09

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Side Ring Knockout Flagging XDDDDD
You Can Play it HeRE:
i made this game yester day
Plz Vote FOr It Sidering Knockout

Hey n0nsense =.=

2008-12-01 05:55:14 by jpsantos09

Pokemon Team WaR Is Sux!!!
I will Remake It ok...


2008-11-30 03:35:21 by jpsantos09

Any one wants to make Flash Movie with me??