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2009-07-21 05:52:42 by jpsantos09

Yes, you read it right. A mobile version of this, a mobile phone site/wapsite has been increasing rapidly and we should be updated to this changes. This may not sound interests to others but look at this possibilities:

1. If you are out-of-town/vacation/on-trip etc. but still wanted to have an access and know the latest updates here, it's just a click in your mobile phone.
2. A benefit to those who don't have time to go to Internet Café.

Share your insights about this matter. No spamming please.



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2009-07-21 05:55:33

that would be cool but the only problem you said is it will slow down the phone memory.

jpsantos09 responds:

Not really making your phone's performance slow but loading a certain site/page with images on.

Yes. Alot of pros in using Opera Mini. Actually, am using it to browse the net without any charges. =P


2009-07-21 05:57:45

I usually use Opera Mini in my mobile phone to access website and surf the net.

Not really bad using mobile phone so I agree if somebody could contract it as mobile version

P.S : there are alot of pros for using mobile phone, that why I constantly use


2009-07-21 06:01:15

I guess this feature depends on the phone/gadget you're using.. It didn't work in my psp before it could be the flash(Macromedia Flash) that the website use.

jpsantos09 responds:

really? i try to update flash on it or the browser or software and let me try again...

I remember I tried to vote then the submit button didn't appear, I don't know Ill check again...


2009-08-20 22:41:35

Does this mean I can watch stuff on my IPHONE?


2010-05-06 15:52:13

would b kewl if u could download videos & music form NG directly on ur mobile device 2


2010-07-23 13:50:45 already exists